A Brazilian teacher developed a way for his blind and deaf friend to experience the World Cup in real-time

Photo via YouTube screenshot

Photo via YouTube screenshot

Helio Fonseca de Araújo is a teacher in Brazil who wanted his friend, who is both blind and deaf, to experience live World Cup games the way the rest of his friends can. Carlos, 27, has a rare genetic disease called Usher Syndrome, which caused him to begin losing his eyesight and hearing at 14. Now, he is only able to see shapes and contours and hasn't been able to watch a soccer match in two years. To ensure Carlos is able to experience matches, Helio built a mini-pitch where Carlos could move his hands around to feel his way through the game's developments.

“I woke up in the morning with an urge to call my friend Carlos to watch the opening World Cup, but need some adaptations to make him understand better!” Helio wrote on his YouTube account.

Helio worked with another interpreter named Ragiane to build the miniature soccer field.

In the video below, you can watch Carlos has he keeps up in real-time with the soccer match, as Helio guides his hands around to show the players' and ball's positions. Regiane is also communicating aloud the shirt numbers, fouls, and cards.

“It is the first time I watch football like this. I could understand the game in detail. What happiness I’m feeling,” Carlos says in the video.