Is he human or is he zombie?

"I'm pretty much the best-looking zombie you'll ever see," says Andrew Jones. He's not wrong. AJ is a fitness model and bodybuilder who's a little different from your typical Instagram workout hero in a big way: he has no heart.

Well, okay, he kind of has a heart. A few years ago, AJ found out he had a disease called cardiomyopathy that basically would've been a death sentence several years ago. But AJ is alive and kicking, because he has an LVAD -- a Left Ventricular Assist Device -- which is basically a battery-powered artificial computer heart. Pretty cool, right?

The thing is, though, it's not a permanent fix. AJ is still waiting to receive a human heart transplant, among the 120,000 other people who need one. Heart transplants aren't exactly easy to score these days, so the LVAD will help him manage his condition for now. In the mean time, AJ continues to make all of us people with hearts feel bad about the excuses we make to avoid going to the gym.