had the pleasure of interviewing the 12 year-old hero behind the open-source Braille printer made from Lego - the BRAIGO! Check out our chat with charismatic innovator Shubham Banerjee.

Shubham Banerjee has been on NBC, been to the White House, and has a deal in place that swears him to secrecy on his current project - and he's 12!

What's set this charismatic kid apart from his peer group is his mad Lego skills. While others are building fortresses and police cars with the colorful Danish construction sets, Banerjee built an open source Braille printer for the blind. 

The BRAIGO utilizes Lego's robotics kit - the Mindstorms EV3 - to build a completely disruptive device, breaking barriers down from $2,000 a unit to just a few hundred dollars (a quick check of online outlets puts Mindstorms EV3 robots at about $350).  

The unanticipated success of Braigo 1.0 has resulted in a NBC Bay Area segment, certificates of recognition from the California Senate, and an invitation to the White House Maker Faire. 

Want an exclusive bit of information about Braigo 2.0?

 Banerjee has to remain tight-lipped about his latest venture, which should be ready for mid-to-late August. BUT, the Belgian-born Santa Clara, California kid was happy to share the fact that... it's ORANGE!

Every now and then, the phrase "Open Source is Awesome Sauce," gets dropped at Not Impossible HQ - and it certainly comes to mind when describing what Shubham Banerjee is achieving. 

Welcome, Shubham, to the Not Impossible community! We hope you stay a while.