The official "BrainWriter" launch video from Not Impossible - featuring interviews with the BrainWriter Build Team - Javed Gangjee, David Putrino, Dan Goodwin & Sam Bergen

Feature interviews with key BrainWriter Build Team members Javed Gangjee, David Putrino, Daniel Goodwin and Sam Bergen discussing their philosophies on the EEG (brainwave) + Ocular Recognition (eye-tracking) device inspired by LA graffiti artist TemptOne.

The device enables those with locked-in syndrome or ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's or Motor-Neurone Disease) to create and communicate, using a thought to click the tool "on," moving the eye to draw or write and using a second thought to click the tool "off," the device is a unique combination of two progressive technologies.

As Tempt's ability to intentionally blink (the manner by which the EyeWriter switched on and off) has decreased, this technology will ensure that people like Tempt can switch to the BrainWriter to maintain their fundamental ability to communicate effectively.

To provide context for the video above, it opens with the trailer for "Getting Up: The TemptOne Story" - the 2009 story of the EyeWriter. In 2013, the progression of Tempt's disease necessitated that this build team work on a solution that would keep him actively able to share his creative ideas.

Led conceptually by Javed Gangjee, who joined with lead neuroscientist David Putrino and head hacker Daniel Goodwin, the team was rounded out with tech-savvy advertising executive Sam Bergen, who managed to keep the scientists striving toward the end goal.

These interviews were conducted at and around the official premiere of the BrainWriter at the "Digital Revolution" exhibition at Barbican Centre, London. The show will travel to approximately 9 countries from its launch in July 2014 through to 2020.

Take a look at some images from the exhibition launch here.

The BrainWriter would not have been able to be exhibition-ready if not for the input and hardware of OpenBCI's Joel Murphy & Conor Russomanno, whose open-source brain-computer interface is pioneering the field of low-cost EEG devices.

Also crucial to the exhibition was experience designer Paul Freeth, as well as Kaho Abe and Ramsey Nasser, the duo enabled by Eyebeam to create the robot wars video game, an element that enables exhibition attendees a real-time interaction with the eye-tracking and EEG sensors:

If the BrainWriter's elements can be utilized for the able-bodied to control a game in an uncontrolled setting, imagine how it can be utilized for the less abled in a more controlled environment. Shot in Canada, the United States (at OpenBCI and Deutsch LA) and England (The Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Barbican Centre) by Elliot Kotek, Tim Pilleri, Don Downie and Lost & Found, the piece was produced and directed by Elliot Kotek for NotImpossibleNow and was edited by Scott Chrisman (with special thanks to Dan Goodwin for the fantastic time delay footage).