British Airways reveals its color-changing Happiness Blanket to enhance the in-flight experience.

Photo Credit: British Airways

Photo Credit: British Airways

British Airways has always been at the forefront of bettering the in-flight experience. Most notably, they introduced flat-bed seats in the '90s. Now, the airline is introducing a mood blanket that can gauge the happiness levels of flyers. 

Called the Happiness Blanket, it will be available to premium cabin flyers and is embedded with fiber-optic LEDs that change colors based on the user's mood. The blanket is able to read moods through brainwaves that are transmitted from headband via Bluetooth. When the blanket is blue, it represents calm, peace and relaxation -- this is most often seen when a person is in a deep sleep. Crimson signifies that the passenger is feeling stressed or anxious. 

The Happiness Blanket isn't currently available for customer use, but is being tested with a group of volunteers on trans-Atlantic flights. BA will be using the data collected from the blankets to inspire changes to in-flight services, which might affect, for example, the time meals are served, or menu and movie options. 

See the Happiness Blanket in action in the video below.