Inside the Bubble: Suit Provides Clean Air in Polluted Cities

  Photo Credit: BBsuit 0.2

Photo Credit: BBsuit 0.2

China has a $275 billion plan to combat air pollution, but it's going to take time for the country to actually see any results. It's not uncommon that local weather reports advise citizens to stay indoors, and just walking down the street can be too unhealthy. So, people living in highly polluted cities like Beijing and Delhi, India, can wear protective gear instead. 

A group of designers in the Netherlands created the BBsuit 0.2, which provides wearers with a bubble of purified air. 

"Since our clothing is constantly in contact with the air surrounding us, it creates an opportunity to clean the air," said designers from Studio Eva de Laat, Byborre, the Eidohoven University of Technology Studiofriso and WANT. 

The device looks like a modified spacesuit and uses patented cold plasma technology to split oxygen and water molecules in order to create free radicals. According to the designers, these free radicals react with air pollutants to destroy them. The suit also sweeps away bacteria, viruses and dust as users walk along the street. 

BBsuit 0.2 is also equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi, to give reports on current pollution stats. Fast Company notes that this also helps to give a more accurate picture of pollutants like carbon monoxide and methane. 

"Conducting yarns are integrated in the fabric in the production process," said Borre Akkersdijk of fabric innovation company Byborre. "That means we can place sensors in specific areas when designing the suit."

The concept was originally designed for Beijing Design Week and is not ready for sale just yet.

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