A new smartphone case is made with a material that is thin but harder than steel, and is easy to shape like plastic.

This is one smartphone case that is sure to protect your favorite mobile gadgets. Jan Schroers, a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at Yale University, created a smartphone case that is lightweight and thin, yet harder than steel. It also easy to shape like plastic. 

“This material is 50 times harder than plastic, nearly 10 times harder than aluminum and almost three times the hardness of steel,” Schroers said. “It’s awesome.”

Researchers have spent years looking for an effective way to shape bulk metallic glasses (BMGs). In the past, scientists have tried heating the BMG to force the shapes at high temperatures. 

With the new process, a supercooled liquid state is used to soften the BMG enough so that it can be shaped without using large amounts of energy. This method produces sheets that can be used in a standard manufacturing process. 

Schroers has launched his own company called Supercool Metals and Yale owns the exclusive licensing rights to the technology. He hopes to increase production by the end of next year. 

Learn more about Schroers' super-strong smartphone cases in the video below.