Code4Cause partners with NGOs around the world to provide them with intellectual resources.

Photo Credit: Code4Cause

Photo Credit: Code4Cause

Code4Cause is a non-profit that provides support to NGOs of all sizes in informational technology. The India-based organization was founded by Arun Rajiah in 2011 to to help provide intellectual resources to NGOs. "Let's code and make the NGO's life easier," is their motto

The movement began by helping out friends who were already involved in charitable activities. Now, volunteers are involved in maintaining websites, building software, and consulting with NGOs on digital marketing, fundraising and skill development. It began with a small team, but now has thousands of volunteers working around the globe with NGOs working in countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, China and the U.S. 

"We are lucky enough to get good education, stay in houses which are safe in natural calamities, enough food to satisfy our hunger, but not many are born this lucky," Rajiah said. "It was just a selfless thought or rather a realization of humanity that made us think beyond materialistic pleasures. None of our volunteers are paid a salary in code4cause – it’s just their sheer honesty and humanity which makes them dedicate their valuable time and their education for the people who need."

Learn more about Code4Cause in the video below.