Constellation takes images of your skin to take note of moles and look for signs of skin cancer.

Photo Credit: © bertys30 -

Photo Credit: © bertys30 -

Early skin cancer detection makes a huge difference -- nearly a 50 percent increase in survival rate. When cancers such as melanoma are detected early, treatments such as mole removal is very effective. However, when patients present melanoma that is already more than 4mm thick, there is only a 49 percent five-year survival rate. 

Constellation is an application that makes regular cancer screenings much easier. It is an imaging system that provides cost-effective and quick full body scans once a month. These scans can be conducted at home, at a health club or at the doctor's office. What makes Constellation different from other detection applications is that it is able to monitor changes in moles over time. 

The technology works with a camera array taking pictures of your entire skin surface. These images are sent to a local computer, where they are turned into a high-resolution square map in which all moles are visible. The maps are uploaded to secure servers that send alerts to patients if there are any potential signs of skin cancer. Users can even print images to share with their doctors.

Constellation uses already existing technology for digital imaging and video stitching. The application costs less than $2,500, making it affordable for commercial use and even possible for individual consumer use. Additionally, the full-body scan only takes 30 seconds to perform.