Our Safe Family has entered the GPS tracking market with the Paxie bracelet - a cute cuff with switchable material exteriors that can track where your little ones are at, and monitor key data, to provide peace of mind.

CES was busy with wearable trackables for kids, pets, senior citizens, valuables and those with special needs. Paired with GPS subscriptions and a variety of base-stations, the movement to track all movements of everything precious to us is alive and well. Paxie, from a company named Our Safe Family, is keeping things cute with a cuff loaded with features, that will inform invested parents and caregivers of the location, activity rate, heartrate and ambient temperature as it pertains to their sweet-peas and munchkins, little bears and monkeys.

NotImpossibleNow's Elliot Kotek met up with SAFE Family founder Merle Lee Friedman at International CES in Las Vegas to talk trackers for kids 18 months to 12 years of age (senior citizens and pets to follow). 

Where did your need to act on this idea come from?

For the last several years, whenever a child was hurt, or died in the back seat of a car because a parent forgot them, and I thought there's got to be an app to alert them that they've left their child in the car. Now we aren't talking about bad parenting, but I mean it does happen. I kept thinking there's got to be an app for this, and there wasn't. I went to my friends, Jen and Evan, who run a company called Lazr, and this is what they do, and they're geniuses, high tech, and I said, "I want you to help me develop this idea, because I can't believe somebody else hasn't, but if they haven't, I'm going to." That's how it all started.

What are we protecting? What are the features?


We're protecting the child. We have GPS location. We have the ambient temperature, so that if they are in an overheated condition, even at the beach, if you feel they're out in the sun too long, or it's getting too hot, then you know where they are, and you can tell them to come in and go in the shade. 

There's location tags, so once you drop them off at school, you can make sure that they're staying in school, unless they're going out on an excursion. Then, at the end of the day, if they're going to Kevin's home for a visit, you can track him until he gets to Kevin's home, making him responsible, but still not being there in person. 

This is for children 18 months to 12 years about. After that, they do often want their independence. Up until then, the parents have the right to try and keep them safe. There is an activity alert. Let's say the child fell and hurt himself. All of a sudden he wasn't moving while he was trying to get to Kevin's house, then you could go out and try and see what was the matter. Worst-case scenario, if he gets kidnapped, it has an extended battery life of 36 hours, which would help, but if the kidnapper was aware of the technology and removes it, then you are alerted that the band has been removed. At least you know the last location, the time of the last location where the child was. The child can not remove the band on his own, because it requires 2 hands. Even if he has a friend help him, his mother would still know that he no longer has the band on, and he's still going to be in a little bit of trouble.

There are also boundary settings. If you go to an amusement park, or the department store, or the grocery store, and you know how quick they can run off this way or that way, and if you can't find them right away, then you use your locator, even if they're trying to hide in the clothing racks.

It tracks up to 200 feet in this capacity, and then it will switch to the GPS in the map and wouldn't be as exact but you would still have an approximation of where to look for them, as opposed to the entire universe.

Is there a subscription for the GPS? 


Yeah. There's a $9.99 a month charge to maintain your GPS capability. We have a pre-order sale. It's $175.00 and you get the band, 3 of the interchangeable covers and a battery charger, and the app. You get 3 months free data, and it's $9.99 every month there after. 

This is our only product at the moment, but in the near future we are going to have it for pets, and for elderly patients with Alzheimer's. It's also very good, unfortunately, for children with autism, because they have a tendency to wander off a lot. That would be another way of tracking them. 

When is it on the market?

Hopefully we'll have a start up date in May.

How many designs are currently available?

We only have 6 or 7 right now, but we will be of course expanding that a great deal.

Is there an idea to license the designs as well, sports teams, television shows?

Of course. We only launched 3 days ago. We've talked with several people here and, if the interest is genuine, then, you know [smiles], we can only hope that they meant what they said.

There's quite a few GPS locators that people are putting in kids bags, and other things to protect the kids.

Yes, but this is a fun, fashionable thing for them to wear. It is the most richly filled, capable band on the market. There isn't another product that has as many capabilities and features as this one does.