The possibilities are endless.

There are a lot of fantastic advancements in music technology, but this one might be the one with the furthest reach. One Georgia Tech professor designed a robotic arm that drummers can attach to their bodies – but it is not a prosthetic. It is a third arm.

Check out the video above to see the arm in action. 

Mic’s Max Plencke sat down with the arm’s inventor, Gil Weinberg, to discuss its potential uses outside of music, and he had some interesting insights.

"Imagine if a surgeon had a third arm," Weinberg told Mic. "It knows where the patient is in proximity to the doctor, and it learns what he needs and brings it to him."

Plencke also suggests that the arm could be used for industrial work, like painting or using tools. But it does not end there – a mechanical arm could be used in places and conditions that are too dangerous for humans, or even everyday work like car repair, clothing factory work and administrative filing.

What do you think a mechanical arm could be used for?