PillPack provides individually labeled packages of your prescriptions, so you know precisely the day and time you should take your medications.


How helpful would it be to have your prescriptions packaged together for you in the morning and the afternoon? With those individual packages, you’d know precisely what pills to take at 8 am and 4 pm each day. This is precisely the solution provided by Somerville, Massachusetts-based PillPack, which recently attracted $8.75 million in venture capital funding, according to BetaBoston. PillPack, which launched its product in February 2014, describes itself as a full-service pharmacy that delivers a better, simpler experience for its customers.

Here’s how it works: For the same co-pay you hand over to your pharmacist, you can receive from PillPack pre-sorted packs of your pills for each day of the week. And get this: Its pharmacists manage all of your refills, from phone calls to faxes to follow up. Because of the company’s 100% guarantee, if PillPack makes a mistake with your prescription, you get a full refund.

Before prescriptions are sent to your home, you receive a text message from PillPack, which allows you to make any last-minute changes — perhaps to have the shipment sent to your winter home in Boca Raton, Florida, or to your ski vacation in northern Maine. You can also connect with a pharmacist by phone, online chat or e-mail. PillPack is available in 42 states; click here to check on availability in your state.

Since I don’t take any prescription drugs (lucky me!), I tapped someone with far more experience in this area: my ever-enthusiastic 71-year-old mother who takes four different prescription medications each day. These are mostly pain relief medications that she takes because of chronic pain associated with various back and hip surgeries over the last few years.

Her immediate response? “This would make it so easy. And I’d never forget to take my pills.” PillPack may well have another new customer soon.

Learn more about PillPack at their site and in the video below: