Desks, end tables and lamps equipped with Qi technology will be ready for purchase as early as April.

That unsightly bundle of cables needed to power our myriad of devices could soon be a design disaster of the past. With Qi technology offering wireless solutions, desks and tables with charging capabilities could replace those pesky chords.

Favorite Swedish furniture superstore Ikea is first in line to develop furniture housing this technology. They’ll release their line of desks, lamps and nightstands next month, according to an announcement on Sunday.

What’s most impressive is that smartphones or tablets don’t need to be sitting on the charging panel to suck up power. Qi technology has made wireless charging more convenient as the devices don’t need to physically touch the charging station. Right now, the available distance is only about two inches, Engadget reports. The range of Ikea’s furniture remains to be seen, but their statement specifically notes that the charging works for devices “placed on or near” the furniture. Because really, who wants to leave their phone pushed up against a lamp to charge?

So hold off on purchasing a new end table or desk until April for Ikea’s release. Residents in the U.S., Canada, and Europe can toss out some excess chords for spring-cleaning, with the products available globally later this year.

But remember, it’s still Ikea furniture and just because it’s technologically advanced doesn’t mean your new purchase is going to be any easier to assemble. 

Top photo courtesy of Ikea