Domespace is a rotating home that allows owners to change up their views and position in relation to the sun.

Photo Credit: Solaleya

Photo Credit: Solaleya

Designer and architect Patrick Marsilli has recently made some eco-friendly modifications to Domespace, a pre-fabricated home that rotates to optimize its position in relation to the sun. That means that owners can rotate their home away or towards the sun, depending on the weather. This helps to save homeowners on their energy bills as they can simply rotate their house into the shade when it is too hot, and into the sun when it is too cold. 

PSFK notes that Marsilli first designed the Domespace back in 1988, and it was originally manufactured by Domespace Homes, a French company. The company was exclusively distributed by Solaleya in the U.S., a company that focuses on eco, innovative and energy-efficient interior spaces.

The Domespace house sits atop steel ball bearings on a circular railing. The rotation can be programmed through a computer or controlled manually with a remote control. The speed can also be set between one to four inches a second. 

In addition to rotating in relation to the sun, Domespace gives owners the ability to change window views and even to move their bedroom to a quieter position.

The homes are now made with FSC-certified wood, which doesn't have any harmful chemicals and are specifically built to withstand earthquakes that reach eight on the Richter scale. The frame is made out of spruce beams, which is said to be as hard as concrete.

The Domespace windows face upwards toward the sky to allow natural light into the interior. Potential owners also have the option to have solar panels installed to have the home partially run on solar power.