The Don't Forget Me car seat sends an alert when a child is left alone in a car.

Photo Credit: Click2Houston

Photo Credit: Click2Houston

Susan Quave, a science teacher in Mountain City, Tennessee, created a new car seat system that helps to prevent hot car deaths. Last month, her invention received a provisional patent. 

"Where the idea came from is the summer when a lot of infants were in circumstances where they lost their lives because they were left in hot vehicles," Quave told WCYB

When Quave came up with the idea, she sketched it out and sent her design to Invention Home. 

"When the driver leaves the car, the speaker will say, 'Don't forget about me,'" Quave said. "When the driver shuts the door, after two minutes, the beacon light, which is on the fan of the child's infant seat, will come on and the beacon light will say, 'Child in danger.'"

The system is activated when the driver and baby sit on a cushion. Quave says she did her research to ensure nothing like Don't Forget Me exists.

"The difference in mine for the patent was the fans with the beacon light," she said, adding that there are holes on the car seat for air circulation. "What little air the fan is going to give, it might give a couple minutes to a child's life."

Quave is now waiting to hear back from manufacturers is and hoping stroller and car seat maker Graco will be interested. 

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