NASA is working on creating a management system for vehicles that fly 500 feet off the ground.

NASA is working on an air traffic control system designed specifically for aircraft that fly at about 400 to 500 feet off the ground, according to The New York Times.

The system is being built at the space agency's Moffett Field, which is just four miles from Google's Mountain View headquarters. It would manage traffic of low-flying drones to ensure the unmanned vehicles don't, for example, crash into buildings and get caught in adverse weather conditions. 

The control system's first order of business will be of managing sparsely populated areas where drones might perform tasks like monitoring crops or pipelines. 

With companies like Amazon and Google considering the use of drones for delivery services, it's no surprise that NASA is taking steps to manage the unmanned aircraft. In addition to the station, they will be publishing a set of rulings for drones later this year. 

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