Facebook and Twitter are often the subject of debate. Here's to the stories that mattered. To the cases where social media drove humanity to its finer hours. Here's to Facebook for the Sake of Humanity.

The above post by Ryan Cox, paying it forward by paying for the customer behind him in line at Starbucks, prompted a response for him to pick up some kid's school lunch tab rather than the $10 check for someone to start their day caffeinated (though this office will never denigrate the importance of caffeinated mornings)

Cox, thankfully, took the comment as a challenge and an opportunity rather than just dismissing the call with a  "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate." The result was spectacular, with Cox finding funds to clear the delinquent lunch tab of one school kid, then tens, then, joined by others, picked up the tabs for hundreds of kids, completely balancing the ledger for the food programs at his local school district, then many others in the neighboring area. 

And, finally, the Feed the Kids organization was born that continues to see to it that schoolkids don't go hungry. So, Facebook, for that, we give you one of these, we think you'll recognize it.