We caught up with the FeetMe Chief Operating Officer Maximilien Fournier at Maker Faire Bay Area. A sole-ful way for wearable tech to help diabetics.

You're based where, Paris?

Maximilien: Paris.

Talk to me about the application of the FeetMe sole and the system you've developed.

Maximilien:Feetme is a smart, connected insole that is made for diabetic patients, that measures the pressure that you put on your foot. Actually, diabetic patients lose the sensitivity under their foot, so they develop ulcers. So, this product can help them measure the way they walk, and we give them feedback so that they can prevent injuries and irritation. 

Maker Faire, Gao

Maker Faire, Gao

Very cool. And in terms of other applications that weren't intended when you first set about making it, are there other applications that have come about as a result?

Maximilien: Yeah, we are trying to target the running market. Again help the runners, run faster and prevent injuries also. 

And for you, what was the starting point? Why even start developing an insole?

Maximilien: At a conference, [inaudible 00:01:07] in France. There was a physician that told us about the diabetic foot ulcers problem. And that's why we decided to develop a solution to that problem. 

Diabetes is a huge issue in the United States. At what point do you think it's ready for market, or is it ready for market already? And at what point will we see it in the US?

And what kind of likely price point do you imagine?

Maximilien: We don't know yet. We are thinking $300.

And so this will be also for physicians to prescribe to their patients? Or just for patients who are interested in maintaining their own health?

Maximilien: Both.