Sports technology can benefit the aging population.

A group of 7th graders have done something miraculous: they’ve developed a football helmet sensor that can quantify the impact of a hit and track that data in real time. “The idea behind the system is simple: place the sensor inside the helmet of each player and it will act as an alert system to track hits and jolts that may trigger a head injury,” writes The Daily Dot

While their invention is primarily designed to protect teenage football players from concussions, this kind of helmet sensor has applications outside of the sports world -- it could save motorcycle riders, construction workers, and even senior citizens.

Traumatic head injuries tend to befall the elderly in developing countries. A sensor like this could be given to elderly people who do not have the privilege of round-the-clock caretaker supervision. While it may not be practical to force someone to wear a helmet all the time, the sensor could be used simply to detect when an at-risk elderly person has fallen and to alert family members – like Life Alert, but with immediate results (and without the cheesy infomercials).