A self-heating undershirt responds to your body's temperature to ensure you stay warm during a polar vortex.

Photo Credit: Indiegogo/FuelWear

Photo Credit: Indiegogo/FuelWear

Last winter's extreme temperatures inspired Alex Huang and Jason Yakimovich to design clothes that will actually keep you warm when the cold weather hits. 

After six months of working on the product the duo founded a company called FuelWear. Their first product is an undershirt called the Flame Base Layer, which is lightweight and washable. According to PhysOrg, the shirt adds 10 degrees Celsius to your body temperature when the weather hits -20 C or less for three continuous hours. A smart monitor turns the heater off when you're warm again, and on again when your body starts to cool down. 

The shirt itself is made of bamboo fabric, which has antimicrobial properties. The heating elements are made of carbon fiber and are sewn into patches across the shirt's chest and lower back. The heating system is controlled by circuit boards and is powered by lithium-ion batteries that last for up to 12 hours of continuous outdoor use. All the gadgets don't add much weight to the undershirt, as it weighs just a bit more than a smartphone.

Huang and Yakimovich met as students in Edmonton, Alberta, and have moved to Toronto since launching FuelWear. The pair launched an Indigogo campaign earlier this month and received their goal of $20,000 in just five days. They are hoping to have their product ready to ship in time for Christmas.

Learn more about FuelWear's Flame Base undershirt in the video below. 



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