AppVisit connects patients with their doctors virtually, making obtaining a diagnosis a bit easier.

Photo Credit: iTunes/AppVisit

Photo Credit: iTunes/AppVisit

It is an all-too-familiar scenario when you notice a rash in the middle of the night that conveniently disappears by the time you make it to your doctor, making it impossible to get a correct diagnosis. So, when you spot the rash again a day or two later, you try again. This just results in a frustrating cycle. 

A new app, called AppVisit, can help reduce this lag time between spotting a symptom and seeing your doctor, and decreases the need for patients to visit the doctor's office with potentially contagious diseases. 

The app connects users to visits in which the patient and doctor do not been to be present at the same time. Patients can take a photo or video of their symptom or condition, send it to their physician using AppVisit, and wait for a follow-up. The more information the patient can provide, the better. This means that having tools like a glucose monitor becomes even more beneficial. 

Fast Company adds that doctors can personalize the experience by creating a set of exam questions that patients are required to fill out when they open the app. When the required information is added, patients are given an estimate of how long it will take for the doctor to respond. The app is equipped with payment options so doctors can bill patients for the virtual visits. 

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