Intelligent Mechatronic Systems modified a Fiat 500 to monitor driver health to ensure they stay alert on the road.

Canadian company Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) wants to ensure that drivers' health is protected, even on the road. They have modified a Fiat 500 to monitor bodily functions, including glucose levels and heart rates. It combines this data with real-time driving to ensure the safety of the drivers and those around them. If an issue arises, the car warns the driver and others who might be connected to the system. 

Metro News notes that the modified Fiat also coaches drivers, sending them audible alerts when the car notices unsafe driving habits like speeding or tailgating. 

The information is collected through wearable technology and is used to anticipate driver behavior, such as predicting if the driver is getting drowsy. The car will then consider factors like the intended route, traffic conditions and weather to warn the driver through an in-car tablet to either be more cautious, to ask someone else to drive or to just stay home. 

See how the connected car works in the video below.