Turn fighting air pollution in your home into a game with HERO.

  Photo Credit: E  Photo Credit: Electroluxlectrolux

Photo Credit: EPhoto Credit: Electroluxlectrolux

Rising air pollution has many concerned both about the environmental effects, and the impact it has on human health. A 22-year-old industrial design student created a way for people to fight air pollution in their own homes with some good old family fun. 

Fiorello Rios is the designer behind HERO, which has been submitted in the 2014 Electrolux design competition. The game comes with a kit including OLED glasses, wristguards and another superhero-inspired accessory worn around the knuckles. The OLED glasses would give the wearer the ability to see magnified particles in the home, and the wristguard has finger rings that purify the air. 

"HERO takes advantage of technology, which is firmly embedded in our everyday life, using it for cleaning purposes and for fun," reads the product description. "It will play an important role in shaping children’s behavior and will raise awareness of air pollution, creating role models for a healthy life."

Indoor air pollution hasn't been tackled in such a way before, but its an issue that needs more attention. The World Health Organization cites that more than 4 million deaths a year are caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants. Most of this is caused by cooking stoves and heating fuels. While HERO might not be the answer to these issue, it certainly shines light on them. 

  Photo Credit: Electrolux

Photo Credit: Electrolux