These dolls want to teach kids about real female role models, with apps for educational activities.

Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves, who are both engineers, wanted to use their skills to change the way little girls play with dolls. So they began Miss Possible, a company that designs dolls and coinciding apps based on the lives of real female role models.

"We want to increase the number of people who change the world, and we think there are a lot of girls with the potential to do that," the company's Indiegogo page reads. "We are going to help them make that jump from potential to reality!"

Miss Possible's first doll is Marie Curie, who did what it took to get an education as a child, even when girls weren't allowed to study. She eventually ended up in Paris to study chemistry and won two Nobel Prizes. The doll will help teach kids chemistry and physics through hands-on activities that are easy to do with items found around the house. The company's Indiegogo campaign ended earlier this month, surpassing their goal of $75,000. The funds will go toward putting the Marie Curie doll into production and the development of other dolls. 

Learn more about Miss Possible in the video below.