This traveling playground assembles quickly to provide instant community spaces for both adults and children.

 Photo Credit: Fast Company

Photo Credit: Fast Company

A regular playground usually takes some time to put together, between designing and building. Here's a playground that can be built in less than hour. Called the Instant Playground, it fits in a suitcase but doesn't include the traditional swing sets and slides. 

The playground can be used by both adults and children and has a simple game design. The idea is to provide a temporary community space in areas that don't already have one. 

"Since it's portable and can be assembled anywhere, we thought that the game can begin to reclaim some of the unused or misused areas of the city--to begin to bring people back to certain areas," architect Marcella Del Signore told Fast Company. She originally designed the Instant Playground with four others in 2012. 

The game is built to force neighbors to communicate with each other. Players work in two teams of four, and roll a dice to step along a tile path. During the game they have to follow instructions and interact with others around them. For example, they might be told to ask someone what they would like to change about the city.

"Things happen when people are instigated to interact," Del Signore said. "If you're walking down the street, or in a park, even when you want to talk to someone, sometimes you don't do it. So the game itself was in a way an excuse for people to talk to other people."

Instant Playground has been tested in San Francisco and New Orleans. The team is now working on making the game even more portable and hope to manufacture it for other cities. 

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