Intel is working on a high-end fashion bracelet that would serve as a wrist-sized computer.

Intel is broadening their horizons beyond PCs to women's accessories. The company is working on a high-end bracelet that comes equipped with both a touchscreen display and semiprecious stones. The bracelet is called My Intelligent Communication Accessory, or MICA for short.

According to PhysOrg, the bracelet is a team effort between Intel, Opening Ceremony and Barneys. It is expected to be available in time for the holiday season at Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony stores for under $1,000. 

The bracelet has a 1.6-inch sapphire touchscreen and will be able to charge wirelessly or using a USB cable. MICA's main functions will include alerts and notifications for SMS messages, calendar reminders and meeting alerts. It will need to pair with a smartphone through a 3G cellular radio.

"MICA enables women to stay connected via SMS messages, meeting alerts, and general notifications delivered directly to the wrist, with additional features and functionalities to be revealed at a later date," Intel said.

Intel and Opening Ceremony are expected to introduce MICA at an upcoming fashion show. 

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