JauntVR's new technology makes virtual reality even more real.

  Photo Credit: JauntVR

Photo Credit: JauntVR

JauntVR is turning virtual reality in a live-action experience. The company has recently announced that their cinematic VR platform is out of stealth mode, and they have received nearly $7 million in funding from some film industry bigwigs. 

The company's camera films real-world footage, including everything in the surrounded area. Their software then puts the clips together for a seamless experience. Thanks to the wrap-around film capture, users can swivel around in any direction and feel as though they are actually "there." 

In demos, users can experience an orchestra from the conductor's point of view, in a real concert hall and surrounded by other music fans. In another demo, users are taken courtside of a sporting event, where they get all the sights and sounds of watching with other fans in the arena. Basically, JauntVR is making it possible to experience events as if you were actually there, but from the comfort of your own home. This goes above and beyond the traditional viewing experience. 

It is unlikely, however, that this VR technology will take away from ticket sales and the experience of actually attending live events, which are largely a social experience. But for events like the Olympics of FIFA World Cup, fans can get up close and personal to the action. 

This type of surround-sound virtual reality has endless possibilities outside of the live event realm. JauntVR's technology could eventually be used to give people the ability to travel the world, which is especially significant for those that suffer from mobility issues, like paraplegics. Anyone could visit the Eiffel Tower or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, no matter what their physical limitations are.

Studies have also shown that virtual reality can help with pain management, especially with patients who struggle with on-going, chronic pain. JauntVR could help make such cases even more successful by providing a virtual reality that looks and feels like the real thing.