The Sunfllow* by Joule (based in Massachusetts, but testing out of an industrialized photosynthesis field in New Mexico), is pioneering the conversion of nasty carbon dioxide emissions to friendly liquid fuels able to be harnessed for cost-efficient ethanol to power our vehicles.


So, you want to help the planet but you don't know how?

You want to aid in keeping our air clean and use less fuel, but your life is centered around driving from point A to point B in the heart of the city, day in, day out?

What if there was a way to help save the Earth, use less toxic energy sources, keep air breathe-able, save money and stay on the road, all at the same time?

Forward thinking company Joule is pioneering work on a new eco-fuel for the everyday needs of our busy lifestyles. And it's got a perfectly ethereal name - Sunflow*. 

The bio-friendly fuel, created from an exciting new technology that converts CO2-to-liquids (no corn, no sugar, no raw materials at all other than CO2, sunlight and non-potable water), is fashioned by the many unique catalysts that Joule has been perfecting for the last 6+ years.

Joule remarks on their Sustainablility, via their site:

"With plentiful basic inputs, single-step production and a process that avoids depletion of precious natural resources, our platform represents the height of sustainability. And without feedstock or land constraints, our platform is suitable for deployment in many regions of the world, creating the opportunity to localize fuel production and reduce the burden of oil imports."

Joule's photosynthesis field in New Mexico

Joule's photosynthesis field in New Mexico

Basically, their "industrial photosynthesis" diverts solar energy into liquid fuel, is endlessly renewable, and is safe for the environment. While these are reasons enough to provide support for this landmark technology, take note that Joule aims for Sunflow*-E (ethanol) and Sunflow*-D (diesel) to cost us approximately $1.20/US gallon ($50/barrel), a huge saving on the $3.50 - $4.00 marks we're currently enduring at the pump.

Audi running on Joule Sunflow-ethanol

Audi running on Joule Sunflow-ethanol

As we're located among the lovely lads and ladies of Los Angeles County, where traffic jams are as commonplace as sunbeams, we believe this is an exciting frontier for the possibility of cruising the Earth's surface, while not simultaneously crushing it.