Not Impossible Now's most popular posts of the week!

Not Impossible Now's most popular posts of the week!

Not Impossible Now presents the Top 3 most popular posts of the week from The Latest section. Look out for Latest Greatest every Friday.

1. Every Breath You Take

Our readers were completely fascinated by crystals that could someday allow divers to ditch their air tanks. It was by far the most popular post of the week.

The crystals have been synthesized to "absorb large quantities of oxygen and store it," according to researchers at the University of Southern Denmark

The material is able to absorb oxygen from water just as well as it does in air, so it could eventually be used to help divers stay underwater for extended periods of time without the use of air tanks. Read the full post.

2. A River Runs Through It

Our #2 post of the week centers on a low-cost way to harness energy from a rushing river.

A German engineering team created a contraption called the Mobile Hydro, which is made of a floating rubber ring with three rotors. It's portable and can provide continuous power, unlike solar and wind energy. 

The ring is moored to a bank and turns its blades with the help of the natural swirl of the river. A generator captures the energy and transfers it to a battery and transformer kit on the bank. 

Fast Company reports that the team is hoping to achieve a continuous power output of 300 watts, which can power a fridge or TV. Read the full post.

3. Print It

Coming in at #3 is our post about 3-D printing. Dremel announced last month that they will release the first 3-D printer from a major tool manufacturer called the 3-D Idea Builder. The printer signifies how at-home additive manufacturing is growing with major distributors like Home Depot, Amazon and Canadian Tire.

The printer is a single-extruder that is lightweight, has a sleek plastic exterior, a detachable lid and removable panels. The build area measures at 9” x 5.9” x 5.5” and has a removable bed to make model extraction a little easier. 

The Dremel 3-D Idea Builder is being sold for $999. Read the full post.

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