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  Photo credit: Unbox Therapy

Photo credit: Unbox Therapy

Not Impossible Now presents the Top 3 most popular posts of the week in The Latest section. Look out for Latest Greatest every Friday.

1. Pocket Protection

With “bendgate” at a boiling point, we’re going straight to the #1 post of the week. 

After reports surfaced about iPhone 6 Plus models bending in people's pockets, we happened to notice that our post about a super-strong smartphone case suddenly started gaining traction with our audience. Made from bulk metallic glasses, the smartphone case is said to be three times the hardness of steel. 

It's safe to say that users were hoping a case like this could give them a little piece of mind when they drop their iPhone 6 Plus models in their pockets. Read the full post.

Oh, if you're still convinced your new iPhone won't bend, this video from Unbox Therapy's YouTube channel might convince you otherwise:

2. Got to Have a Hy-Cycle

Our post about a hydrogen fuel cell bicycle was the second most popular post of the week. 

Called the Hy-Cycle, the bike is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which provides riders with electrical assistance for pedaling. This helps riders travel longer distances and up hills much easier. How long? Try 77 miles on a single charge with just $2 of hydrogen. Read the full post.

3. Need a Drink

Rounding out the Top 3 is our post about a new material that can help you make fresh water out of saltwater. 

Researchers created a cheap material that desalinates water quickly and efficiently with solar energy using graphite. Rather than heating the entire surface, the material creates hot spots so that all of the energy goes towards creating a stream. Read the full post.

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