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3. Utensil of Choice

A bad case of food poisoning can be downright frustrating. But what if there were a way to avoid it? It’s no surprise then that our post about smart chopsticks resonated with our readers. Lights on the chopsticks turn red if the food is unsafe. If the lights turn blue, prepare to get your grub on! Read the full post.

2. Safety First During Heat Wave

Photo Credit: Click2Houston

Photo Credit: Click2Houston

Not Impossible Now is based in Southern California, so we've been feeling this week's heat wave firsthand. Hot car deaths are certainly a concern in this weather, so it's no wonder that our post about a new alert system invented by a science teacher in Tennessee caught the attention of our readers. Don't Forget Me warns the driver that a child has been left in the car through lights and sound. 

"When the driver leaves the car, the speaker will say, 'Don't forget about me,'" the inventor Susan Quave told WCYB. "When the driver shuts the door, after two minutes, the beacon light, which is on the fan of the child's infant seat, will come on and the beacon light will say, 'Child in danger.'" Read the full post.

1. New Form of Birth Control for Men on the Horizon?

Condoms have been the main choice of birth control for men, but a new drug may provide an alternative.

Called Vasalgel, the drug was proven to be effective in a recent baboon study and will be tested in human trials next.

It was developed by Dr. Sujoy Guha more than 15 years ago in India. As The Daily Beast notes, the drug itself is non-hormonal and requires just one treatment to be effective for years. Read the full post.

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