In this week's letter of the week, we share a note we received regarding a situation in Malawi, where kids with spinabifida, who are also retaining water in their heads, are being neglected. What say you, Not Impossible Community? Can we think of something to ease their situation? 3D-printed neck-braces? Halos? A series of colorful neck rings? Modified airplane cushions? What would we do in a developed country?


My sister has got a daughter called Amira in Malawi who had Spinabifida (a problem that attacks the spine) and hydrocephalus (the brain has an abnormality and it accumulates water and makes the head grow).

Amira's spinal nerves were damaged because the doctors did not treat her on time. She was born with this problem and it has left her legs paralyzed. Her whole body is fine but she can not move her legs. 

She was lucky that my sister got a second opinion so her head did not grow above normal. She is a beautiful girl and goes to school. she uses calipers for her legs for several hours to help her walk.

My sister started an NGO and assists these types of children. Malawi is a very poor country and the people there are very poor. It is very sad what they go through when they have children like these.

I just saw [Project Daniel] on Al Jazeera TV about the artificial hands. I was very impressed. I just thought about these people and wanted to know if you can make anything that can assist them. Some of the children have such large heads that their necks get tired of carrying the weight of the head, so most of the time they are lying down. They can not walk because they can not balance their heads. They have never learned to walk or crawl. A lot of the parent lose hope and neglect these children because they are too heavy to carry. It is very sad. 

If you could help or are interested to learn more I can give you more information. I also think if you can help, we can try and get donations in Malawi from generous people.The help we would need would be to help the people who can't walk. And to assist the children with something to balance their heads or some thing to assist with the weight if possible.

Thank you,