Life360 is a family locator app that helps families stay in touch with each other and ensure everyone is safe.

A large portion of kids have mobile devices to help them keep in touch with their parents. However, missed calls and unanswered text messages are inevitable. A app called Life360 makes it easy to locate family members accurately. 

The family locator allows users to create "Circles" of friends and family members. Through the app, users can locate friends and family on a private map, know when someone might need help, or chat with members one-on-one or within Circles. You can even receive an alert when someone reaches a destination, and track phones that were lost or stolen.

"With hectic schedules and long to do lists, managing the day to day for your family can feel like a full time job," the company's website reads. "Life360's here to help! Whether you're making dinner plans, coordinating carpools, or just ensuring everyone arrived home safe, Life360 gives you simplified communication and peace of mind right at your fingertips."

The app is certainly a great way for parents to ensure kids have reached destinations safely, and to ensure the entire family can easily keep in touch with each other's whereabouts. 

Learn more about Life360 in the video below.