Words of wisdom from innovators might help your New Year’s resolutions stick in 2015


Not Impossible Now interviewed many innovators in 2014, and quite a few of them offered advice to young people in the science and technology field. We thought their words of wisdom would inspire anyone hoping to make their New Year’s resolutions stick in 2015. Here’s what they had to say:

Greg Henderson, co-founder of Hendo Hoverboards

Number one, follow your heart. If you don’t think you can, you never will. Find someone who understands you. They don’t have to understand your idea, but if they understand you and they can support you, that’s what makes things possible. Read the full interview.

Tan Le, founder and CEO of Emotiv

In all honesty, it’s all about passion. It’s all about finding something that you truly love to do. Not matter what you choose, the road is not going to be easy. For the most part, it’s about uncharted territory. There’s a lot of uncertainty. It’s not going to be rosy the whole time, so you need to be able to have passion for it along the way.

There are a lot of grand challenges that our generation has inherited. And there’s a responsibility and an opportunity to really devote our energy and attention and our intellect towards solving real problems rather than choosing the easy road. Read the full interview.

Dr. Eugene Chan, CEO of the DNA Medical Institute

You’ve got to have the courage and the conviction and the ideas to be able to push it through. Ultimately, these things just don’t happen quickly. They don’t take a few months, they don’t take a few weeks. We’re talking years of dedication and focus, and it’s really the intensity by which you’re dedicated to that piece of it to make it happen over the course of that time. Read the full interview.

Ryan Hait-Campbell, CEO of MotionSavvy

Human curiosity is our best asset. Be curious about the world and question everything, look for new ways to solve current problems. Get involved with programming at a young age, find mentors who you admire and can learn from. And lastly, education does not end in the classroom. Take up a hobby that knows no bounds, and it’ll take you far. Read the full interview.

Rob Manning, the chief engineer of the Mars Rover Curiosity

Starting this work requires 90% passion and 10% talent followed by 99% hard work and 1% mind boggling fun. If they have the passion, they are on their way. 

Don’t forget to enjoy what you learn. Don’t be afraid of the details. Becoming a great space explorer will take years and you will only get there provided you have the desire to succeed and the humility to fail. Read the full interview.

James Roberts, inventor of the MOM incubator

[Don't] listen to what other people say about what you are trying to do. I had many bigger companies and people who I was asking for advice telling me what I was doing was almost impossible and what did I know as someone who hasn't even finished University. It almost made me want to try and prove them wrong even more.  Read the full interview.

Top photo of the Hendo Hoverboard courtesy of Sterling Communications