A wheelchair powered by brainwaves, an Apple-watch app'ed solar powered oven & more images from Maker Faire Bay Area's preview day!

Color us inspired. A quick run around at a preview afternoon for Maker Faire Bay Area 2015 (the biggest and best of the fests, celebrating its 10th year) yielded all the usual and beautiful burning-man-meets-mad-max shenanigans, but also proffered some early discoveries. Check out the Gallery:

Soham Ganatra and his partners from Inlogica are in town (their first trip to the US) from India, proudly displaying their $1,500 prototype Brainchair wheelchair powered by EEG! Yep, imagine a quadriplegic being able to steer his or her own chair via a Neurosky, Emotiv or Muse headset!

The team definitely has a Not Impossible mindset, with the distinct aim to keep the chair accessible and affordable. Admirable stuff from a team who looks like they could be releasing an album sometime soon, right (see pic below right)?



Also powerful in its potential is Refila fully-recycled 3D printer filament (made from car dashboards, see video below) being shown off at Maker Faire for the first time by its Dutch inventor (who was already overwhelmed by the "crowds" at the preview, and is most certainly going to be in for an awakening over the open-to-the-public weekend ahead).

There's Rube Goldberg competitions for kids to build contraptions to pop balloons, battles of water-bots and drones, and people pickling and fermenting and celebrating ingenuity across all fields. As for me - I'll be speaking on "Humanity Extended" at Center Stage this afternoon (Saturday, May 16 2015) at 5.00 p.m. if any of you fellow makers and appreciators are in the Bay Area!