The Makr Shakr is an MIT-designed robot that will serve as a bartender on Royal Caribean's next-gen cruise ship.

Photo Credit: Makr Shakr

Photo Credit: Makr Shakr

The next time you go on a cruise, you might be getting your drinks from a robot bartender. The Makr Shakr was made by designers at the Senseable City Lab at MIT, and has been employed by Royal Caribean. The drink-serving bot will set sail on Quantum of the Seas, the company's next-gen cruise ship. 

The Makr Shakr first showed off its skills at the 2013 Google I/O annual developer conference, where it proved to have the ability to create an almost infinite variety of customized drinks. The robot has fine motor skills that allow it to, for example, slice fruit and garnish drinks. 

Singularity Hub notes that patrons will have to download an app on their smartphones to custom order a drink. The robot then uses its three arms to make the drink, while mimicking the world's best bartenders. The finished product is then served on a conveyor belt. 

Researchers say that they are not trying to replace bartenders, but are simply conducting a social experiment to see how people adapt to digital manufacturing. 

“Makr Shakr is a great example of how digital technologies are changing the interaction between people and products—a topic that our laboratory has been exploring in great depth,” said Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab.

What makes Makr Shakr different from other robotic bartenders is that it makes room for human experiences while making preparation processes more efficient. 

See the Makr Shakr in action in the video below.