The Dremel 3-D Idea Builder will be available at your local Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

  Photo Cr  edit: Dremel

Photo Credit: Dremel

Dremel announced last month that they will release the first 3-D printer from a major tool manufacturer called the 3-D Idea Builder. The printer signifies how at-home additive manufacturing is growing with major distributors like Home Depot, Amazon and Canadian Tire.

The printer is a single-extruder that is lightweight, has a sleek plastic exterior, a detachable lid and removable panels. The build area measures at 9” x 5.9” x 5.5” and has a removable bed to make model extraction a little easier. The removable lid gives easy access for filament loading, print removal and maintenance.

The software for the Idea Builder is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It has a display of the build area and provides options to move, rotate or scale parts. It will also highlight the areas that might need extra support material. However, the software does not offer options to change print temperatures, add rafts, use gcode files or to infill percentages. However, Dremel has mentioned that missing features might appear in later iterations.

The Dremel 3-D Idea Builder is being sold for $999.