Facebook and Twitter are often the subject of debate. Here's to the stories that mattered. To the cases where social media drove humanity to its finer hours. Here's to Facebook for the Sake of Humanity.

Most 10-year-old kids love birthday parties - mostly for the all-you-can-eat candy and cake, sure, but when Colin was asked by his mother whether he wanted to have a birthday party, this particular ten-year-old, said "No." 

Colin declining his Mom's offer sent her to social media, setting up a community page simply titled Colin's Friends. Her public declaration (in the post above) could have gone either way for the youngster, so it mustn't have been an easy decision to let everyone know her son eats lunch in the school's office by himself, and that he shared with her that he has no friends at school. 

What happened next, though, is testament to the good will of the masses.  As it now stands, Mom's call for positive thoughts for her boy has yielded the Colin's Friends page with 2,134,897 likes. The page acts as a place for Colin to interact with his community, and for his family to share their very ordinary and extraordinary day-to-day, no doubt providing a sense of purpose and support that would and should warm the proverbial cockles of the heart during these winter months.

So, for all that this facebook post did for young Colin and his community, we give you your very own thumbs up :).