A new app can help healthcare professionals analyze and monitor a patient’s wound more accurately by simply taking a photo with a tablet.

When a patient sustains an injury, healthcare professionals often times must physically probe the wound to make an assessment. This process is not only painful, but the results can also be inaccurate. Now, there’s an app to help correct this.

Researchers at the Children’s National Health System and its spin-off enterprise e-Kare Inc. have developed an app where health providers can simply take a picture and monitor exact measurements of a wound without ever touching the patient. 

The app is quite easy to use. According to the e-Kare website, it’s a three-step process. First, you capture the data by snapping a photo of the wound with a tablet. Then, the app will automatically obtain 3-D wound dimensions and tissue classification through intelligent computer algorithms. Next, the app allows health providers to access the results anywhere via cloud-based platforms.

And while improved patient care is the most important benefit of e-Kare’s app, it could also have much broader implications in terms of healthcare costs. In an interview with Dr. Peter Kim, an associate surgeon-in-chief at Children’s National Health System, the Washington Business Journal reported that “better wound care based on more consistent measurements could save more than $12,000 a year per patient wound in materials and health care utilization.”

“Our method of wound assessment saves time, which saves money, and is more accurate, which translates to improved patient care,” Dr. Kim said in a press release.

According to the Washington Business Journal, e-Kare received $250,000 in seed funding and plans to launch the product later this month.

Learn more about e-Kare’s app at their website and in the video below:

Top screenshot courtesy of eKare Inc.’s YouTube channel