Quell, a wearable device that emits electric pulses to block pain, is the first of its kind not to require a prescription.

Long-time sufferers of chronic pain will soon be able to get the relief they’ve been longing for — no prescription, surgery or doctor’s note required.

Thanks to recent approval from the F.D.A., Quell — a non-invasive pain management device developed by a company of scientists called NeuroMetrix — will be available this spring wherever over-the-counter pain relievers are sold, PSFK reported.

Regardless of the chronic pain’s location, Quell wraps around the upper calf just below the knee — where a multitude of nerve endings are found — and is activated by the press of a button. With the use of WINS (wearable intensive nerve stimulation), the device emits electric pulses to the nerves in the form of a light pressure sensation, which prompts the brain to trigger a pain relief response to the central nervous system and sets up pain blockers through the body. Pain relief begins in about 15 minutes, with each therapy session lasting for 60 minutes followed by a 60-minute break, according to Quell.

Though similar nerve-stimulating technologies exist, what makes Quell unique (in addition to not requiring a prescription and being twice as powerful as other devices) is its user-friendly, comfortable and inconspicuous design, PSFK says. The device can be worn as long as the user requires pain relief, even for 24 hours a day. And with the use of its OptiTherapy System, the device automatically adjusts to meet the wearer’s “optimal stimulation level” to ensure maximum relief. Quell can also be linked to the wearer’s smartphone, allowing one to track his sleep quality.

Learn more about Quell by visiting their website and by watching the video below:

Top photo courtesy of Quell’s Facebook page

Top photo courtesy of Quell’s Facebook page