In addition to providing access to nutrition experts, the NuPlanit app will help you figure out why you make the food choices you do.


Will you reach for the hummus and baby carrots after working out for an hour on the elliptical machine at the gym? Or will you grab a candy bar instead? Do you know why you’re making those choices? Meet NuPlanit.

Boston-based NuPlanit provides more than just a mobile app to help you count calories. In addition to providing access to nutrition experts, this app will help you figure out why you make the food choices you do. Often, you’ll reach for that extra slice of pizza or that second bowl of ice cream because you’re feeling stressed out at work or because you’re not getting enough sleep.

Using the app on your smartphone requires that you log your food intake and physical activity. In response, you’ll get feedback on improving your nutrition score (rated from 0 to 100) throughout the day. While it’s not required, the folks at NuPlanit say that users who engage with a nutrition coach (for a monthly fee) will derive the greatest benefits.

The free app, which is in beta right now, includes a virtual grocery shopping advisor that sends to your smartphone a shopping list that’s optimized to your health needs, your preferences — and your budget. For those dinners out with friends, the company has a virtual restaurant advisor in development, too.

NuPlanit has been working with dietician groups to develop the app and to introduce it to their clients. Longer term, the company hopes to partner with companies to encourage their employees to make healthier choices.

The mobile app should be available to the general public this spring. NuPlanit is hoping to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo. (The campaign finishes up on January 23.) Alaina Hanlon Adams, the company’s founder and CEO, told the Boston Business Journal that NuPlanit will offer memberships and other benefits to donors.

Learn more about NuPlanit at their websiteIndiegogo page and by watching the video below:

Top photo courtesy of NuPlanit

Top photo courtesy of NuPlanit