Gaming headsets could become the most useful tool in the OR.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset from Oculus VR, which was designed to provide gamers with the heightened sense of being immersed into a fictional world. However, the headset has the potential to also change the medical world. 

Dr. Thomas Gregory, professor of surgery and medicine at the Paris Descartes University, recently conducted an experiment with Remi Rousseau of to see just how the Oculus Rift could be used in the operating room. They used two GoPro cameras placed on Gregory's head to capture a hip replacement surgery. This resulted in hi-res, 3D footage of the surgery from the surgeon's field of view. When viewed with Oculus Rift, it is as if you are the performing the surgery yourself.

"The principal aim of this experiment was to provide a great way for students to see a whole surgery through the eyes of a surgeon. When you’re a surgeon in training, you always have a task to do during the surgery; it then becomes difficult to see what the main surgeon is doing," Rousseau wrote. "Being able to live a surgery in the surgeon’s shoes thanks to the Rift is very useful to replay the surgery in detail, pause, fast forward or backwards. It can also be an inspiring way to share and learn new techniques among surgeons."

Next, they hope to provide experiences involving real simulations and instruments.

See how the technology works in the video below.