The TAO Chair is designed to work out different muscle groups, using a form of isometrics.

We were talking with one of our Not Impossible co-workers just yesterday about the benefits of standing desks when, lo and behold, we came across a LiveScience story today about the best health tech from last week’s CES 2015, which included the TAO Chair by fitness startup TAO Wellness. According to their site, “TAO Chair’s strong design and imbedded electronics enable you to burn calories while watching TV.” 

We’ll take any form of exercise where we can get it, and we’re sure that office workers around the country would agree. After all, a 2014 study suggested that “under-exercising, rather than overeating, may be at the heart of America's obesity epidemic,” according to a Los Angeles Times report. But burn calories while sitting in a chair? How is that even possible? 

 Photo courtesy of TAO Wellness

Photo courtesy of TAO Wellness

TAO Wellness explains that the chair is designed to work out different “muscle groups all over your body,” using a form of isometrics. So this chair is a little bit like the equipment at your gym that you never go to.

We ended up watching a YouTube video of CNET editor Eric Franklin, who took the TAO Chair for a spin during CES 2015, to get a better idea of how it worked.

“I can feel it working my lats right now, I can feel it working my biceps,” Franklin says, as he pulls on the specially designed arm rests.

That account alone may convince us to pick up a TAO Chair for ourselves, so we can burn some calories while binge watching “The Blacklist.”

CNET reports that the TAO Chair will be available during the holidays this year.

See the TAO Chair in action by watching the CNET video below:

Top photo courtesy of TAO Wellness