Helsinki, Finland has plans to transform their existing public transportation system with an all-access app.

Photo Credit: © Tanya -

Photo Credit: © Tanya -

Finland's capital city is working on transforming its public transportation system. Helsinki will be turning the network into a "mobility on-demand" service by 2025. With this system, Helsinki's residents would, theoretically, not need to own their own cars. 

The system would allow users to purchase mobility in real-time from their smartphones. The goal is to give people flexible, cheap and well coordinated transport so that the public system would actually be able to compete with private car ownership. 

Users would be able to specify their origin and destination, along with a few preferences. The app would serve as a journey planner and a universal payment platform. This would put access to everything from driverless cars to shared bikes, buses and ferries into one place. 

Helsinki isn't hoping to go completely car-free (it just isn't feasible, especially with those who travel out of town frequently or have cottage homes). But the city is certainly determined to create a next-gen network that would actually fit the needs of commuters.