A washing machine concept for the Electrolux Design Lab lets people get rid of detergent.

Photo Credit: Electrolux

Photo Credit: Electrolux

Chan Yeop Jeong is a Korean industrial designer who has found a way to rid the world of laundry detergent. PSFK recently featured Jeong's washing machine concept for the Electrolux Design Lab called Pecera, which uses robotic fish to eat dirt and dead skin cells off clothes. 

The robotic fish are called Dofi and are a much more sustainable way of washing clothes. They run on hydroelectric power and are able to detect dirt with the help of tiny cameras embedded on them. Each Dofi has alkaline liquid jelly that loosens and splits dirt molecules so the fish can absorb them. 

Not only is this method more sustainable, it also prevents oxidation and discoloration of fiber that often comes with the use of laundry detergent. It's also an ideal solution for people with sensitive skin, and gets rid of the need of multiple washing cycles. 

Learn more about Jeong's inspiration for the design concept in the video below.