Petcube keeps concerned/obsessed owners occupied at work, providing a live lens on precious pets (and a swipe-able laser pointer app, too)

The grand-daddy of Maker Faires, the Bay Area mega-event in San Mateo, California celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. 

Amongst the many cool meet-ups (one with a touch less gravity) was a catch-up with Petcube founder and CTO Alex Neskin. 


Alex: This is the Petcube. We made it to let you the pet owner just stay connected with your pets. It is a surveillance camera, it's a pet camera. You have a speaker and a microphone inside so you can talk to your pet but the magical thing here is you can actually interact with it remotely because we have a laser pointer inside. You can see the video stream from the camera and you can move the position, move your finger and change the position of the laser dots on the screen.

Very cool. Do you live here in San Francisco?

Alex: We're based right now in San Francisco actually. Originally we are from Ukraine and we have manufacturing in China.

What made you decide to do this?

Alex: It's just a nice story, my neighbors threatened to call the cops on me because my dog was so loud. He barked a lot so I needed to make something and just ... I bought some cheap web camera, a tripod mount for the camera and built a prototype to keep my dog entertained. It was fun, we kept him entertained and my neighbors were certainly satisfied about it.

And then someone said you should make a product out of this?

Alex: Yeah, actually my friend said, "Oh my God, we're leaving the Skype turned on to see what's happening with our dogs or cats." We should sell this.

And thus the Petcube. Check out more at their site -