The PillCam COLON can be swallowed by patients and moves through the digestive system to transmit images to the doctor.

  Photo Credit: Given Imaging

Photo Credit: Given Imaging

Colonoscopies are a very, very unpleasant experience. A new FDA-approved product could make the process much more bearable. PillCam COLON is a pill-sized camera that is swallowed by patients and takes pictures of a patient's guts as it moves through the intestinal tract. 

The colonoscopy-replacement was developed by Given Imaging, an Israel-based medical solutions company. It has recently been approved to be used as a supplement to regular colonoscopies when tests are rendered incomplete due to patient discomfort. 

The PillCam will move through the body over an 8-hour period, and will wirelessly transmit images to a device warm around the patient's waste. The doctor will be able to later review these images. 

While it is currently just a supplement to regular colonoscopies, the PillCam could become a replacement if the technology and image quality improves.

Learn more about PillCam COLON in the video below.