A Breathalyzer that connects to smartphones will now call an Uber for intoxicated users.

After knocking back a few drinks during a night on the town, recognizing you’re too drunk to drive and then finding alternate transportation is easier said than done. That’s why a Breathalyzer test that alerts tipsy owners of their alcohol consumption on an Android or iPhone will now call a car to get party goers home safe.

New startup Breathometer announced today a partnership with ridesharing service Uber, TechCrunch reported. Aiming to assist the more intoxicated users who might be too impaired to call a car on their own, the Breathometer app eliminates opening the Uber app by requesting one itself.

Breathometer’s second incarnation of its smartphone device, Breeze, is small enough to fit in your pocket or hook on next to car keys. It connects with Bluetooth to a cell phone app and reads back an estimation of a users’ blood alcohol concentration.

But the app doesn’t just tell users they’re drunk: It makes selecting a safe option easy. When the BAC hits .04 or higher — halfway to the legal driving limit — users are directed to choose between “getting home safe” or “staying nearby.” If you want to stick around and sober up, the app will also direct users to nearby hotels to sleep it off, nearby activities, or food to soak up the booze.

But sometimes all you want to do when you’re drunk is head home. Sloshed patrons can choose between an Uber, calling a cab or scrolling through their phone contacts to select a designated driver. The two companies began integration about a month ago and so far, more than half of the users have picked calling an Uber over a cab or friend. Maybe that’s because Uber is the first option or maybe it’s because calling a cab can be horribly unpredictable and calling a sober pal or relative for a ride can be downright embarrassing. 

Photo courtesy of Breathometer’s Facebook page