Nicolas Huchet and Fabrice Sabre shared looks at their $2,000 BionicoHand and $40,000 BeBionic Hand respectively at Maker Faire 2014 - take a peek.

Fabrice Sabre (above) went 36 years without a right hand, finally crowdfunding $40,000 to pay for this BeBionic robotic prosthetic that, while impressive, is still causing him some obvious discomfort. 

Interestingly, Fabrice spoke about the weight of the new arm throwing him off. Something we don't often think about is how a body adjusts for not having to carry the weight of an arm on one side of the body.

Obviously, for all who can afford it, and for climates in which it makes sense, this hand provides incredible degrees of freedom, and it was great to see it up close.

Below is the hand of Nicolas Huchet, a creation utilizing a 3D printed BionicoHand plus other DIY components (and just a couple of AA batteries). The hand comes in at about $2,000, and judging by the way it heated up, you might want to be sure you have burn insurance on your policy.



Nicolas and Fabrice were traveling together around Maker Faire accompanied by a documentary filmmaker. We're looking forward to seeing their (humor-filled) outlook on their predicaments. Funny, funny guys, and we hope they can join us on one of our project voyages soon!