The QBracelet turns charging your smartphone into a fashionable statement.

  Photo Credit: QDesigns

Photo Credit: QDesigns

For those that are always looking for a power outlet to charge your smartphone, this bracelet is exactly what you need. The QBracelet is a wristband that charges your smartphone when you simply can't find an outlet. 

The bracelet comes in silver, gold and black and clips onto your wrist. When it is unclipped, you can see the bracelet's USB and Apple Lightning chargers, which connect to a battery inside. The jewelry piece can provide up to 60 percent extra charge on the average smartphone, according to Springwise. Plus, the stylish bracelet can stay connected while you are making phone calls, which takes away from having to sit or stand in an awkward position near an outlet. 

In addition to the color choices, the QBracelet comes in three different sizes and can be ordered for iOS or Android smartphones. You can currently preorder the QBracelet for $79. The products will be shipped in the winter. 

See more of the QBracelet in the video below.